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SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant requests permit to conduct tests of the very low level radioactive waste repository systems using radioactive waste

VATESI evaluates documentation of an application of  the State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant to issue a permit for transportation of radioactive waste to the very low level radioactive waste repository and conduct tests of the repository systems using radioactive waste for the first time. SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant submits documents according to the schedule that was approved by VATESI on 24 February 2020.

A permit is required to verify under real conditions that all equipment and repository systems are in accordance with the technical design and nuclear safety requirements, that proper instructions and procedures are in place and staff are trained to operate the repository safely. For this purpose, SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant plans to use the waste accumulated in the radioactive waste buffer storage facility  at the site of the Ignalina NPP – it will be transported to the site of the repository and disposed off in the repository. Such actions are necessary for the commissioning of the repository and will be carried out in accordance with the VATESI approved repository commissioning program.

Those tests must be conducted after testing of the repository systems without radioactive waste.

VATESI will make a decision on the issue of a permit after evaluation of all safety case documents that are required for obtaining a permit and not later than within 4 months after the receipt of all duly executed documents. The draft of this VATESI decision will be submitted to the public for suggestions and comments no later than 2 months before the decision is made.



More information regarding public participation in VATESI decision-making process you could find here.

Radioactive waste repository is a radioactive waste management facility for emplacement of waste with no intention of retrieving it in the future.

VATESI issued a licence to the SE Ignalina Nuclear Power plant authorising the construction and operation of very low-level radioactive waste repository in December 2015. Construction works of the repository started at the end of 2017.