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VATESI comment

Regarding publicly announced statement by Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety (Gosatom-

nadzor) of the Ministry for Emergency Situations (MES) of the Republic of Belarus about provision of Lithuania with an unprecedented amount of information about the Belarusian NPP, we hereby inform that Lithuanian State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (VATESI) is still in the lack of full information and has not received answers and relevant information about Belarusian NPP safety issues.

It is necessary to stress that important is actual content of information but not only its amount. In this relation VATESI repeatedly asked Belarusian side to answer questions related to the site selection and assessment, design robustness against malevolent crash of large civil airplane, seismic design, fire protection, probabilistic safety assessment and others (the last letter was sent to MES in September 2021).

“We expect to receive exhaustive answers to all raised questions on safety of Belarusian NPP. Invitation to experts to visit NPP site and to find themselves answers to all raised questions is not acceptable, as we see no positive intention to share specific technical information and really to resolve raised nuclear safety issues”, says Michail Demčenko, Head of VATESI.