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VATESI specialists improved their competence in the field of graded approach

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safety standards recommend that nuclear safety regulators follow a graded approach when regulating the activities of nuclear installations and activities involving nuclear and radioactive materials. This approach is based on the understanding that safety regulation and supervision must be commensurate with the risk posed by the nuclear installations or activities.

Aspects of the application of graded approach in nuclear safety regulation and supervision were discussed on 9-12 December 2019 in VATESI during the IAEA workshop. During this workshop experts from IAEA and the United States, Canada and Pakistan outlined how to apply this approach in safety regulation, licensing, safety review and assessment, inspections and public communication and consultation, based on the IAEA methodology and national practices. The IAEA plans to finalize a methodology for the application of the graded approach in 2020.

In Lithuania, graded approach is used in the field of regulation of nuclear and radiation safety as well. VATESI will continue to integrate this approach as widely as possible in regulatory activities.