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Nuclear material in Lithuania are used only for peaceful purposes

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Safeguards Statement for 2021 concluded that all the nuclear material and activities in the field of nuclear energy used in Lithuania were intended only for peaceful purposes and there are no other undeclared activities.

IAEA provides conclusions on the implementation of safeguards in IAEA member states based on the results of inspections of nuclear facilities, declared nuclear materials and activities in the field of nuclear energy and data from remote monitoring and control systems.

IAEA inspectors conduct visits to selected companies or organizations that had declared activities with nuclear material or termination of them. During the visits, inspectors check if the companies and organizations are engaged in peaceful activities only and properly accounts all nuclear material, and if no other, undeclared activities with nuclear or nuclear fuel cycle material are undertaken. In 2021, international IAEA and European Commission inspectors, together with VATESI specialists, conducted inspection of the physical inventory in Ignalina NPP site and in the dry type storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel. Inspectors checked fresh and spent nuclear fuel, and replaced seals of containers selected by probabilistic statistical methodology. No violations were found during the inspection.

IAEA safeguards are implemented in 185 states. Lithuania is among 72 states with a comprehensive safeguards agreement and additional protocol in force, for which the IAEA was able to draw the broader conclusion, that in 2021 all nuclear materials and activities in the field of nuclear energy use in these countries were for peaceful purposes only and there was no evidence of undeclared nuclear material and activities. This positive conclusion has been repeated for Lithuania every year since 2003.

VATESI is the responsible institution appointed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania for the implementation of the tripartite agreement between member states, the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) and the IAEA on the application of safeguards and its additional protocol in Lithuania. VATESI provides information to the IAEA and the European Commission about nuclear materials in Lithuania, research and application activities related to the nuclear fuel cycle, reports on the export of controlled nuclear devices and technologies from Lithuania. VATESI specialists also carry out inspections of the physical inventory of nuclear material, participate in inspections of Lithuanian nuclear facilities and other economic entities conducted by inspectors of the IAEA and the European Commission.