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Licences and Permits in the Field of Nuclear Energy


The Law on Nuclear Safety article 22, part 4 prohibits every activity associated with nuclear facility, nuclear materials and nuclear cycle materials without an authorisation (a licence or a permit prescribed in the Law) issued by VATESI.

According to the Law on Nuclear Safety, the following types of licences and permits are established in order to be issued by VATESI:

- licence for construction of a nuclear facility (or facilities);

- licence for operation of a nuclear facility (or facilities);

- licence for construction and operation of a nuclear facility (or facilities);

- licence for decommissioning of a nuclear facility (or facilities);

- licence for supervision of a closed radioactive waste repository (or repositories);

- licence for transportation of nuclear fuel cycle materials, nuclear materials and other fissile materials with exception of the small amount as described in the Law;

 - licence for acquisition, keeping and use of nuclear materials and other fissile materials with exception of the small amount as prescribed in the Law.

- permit for first carry-in of nuclear fuel to site of nuclear power plant, unit or non-power nuclear reactor;

- permit for the first carry-in and testing of the nuclear facility using nuclear and/or nuclear fuel cycle materials;

- permit for first start-up of unit of nuclear power plant or non-power nuclear reactor

- permit for industrial operation of the nuclear facility;

- permit for start-up of the nuclear reactor after its short-term shutdown;

- permit for decontamination and/or dismantling of radionuclide-contaminated structures, systems and components of a nuclear power plant, a nuclear power plant unit during final shut down or decommissioning shall be issued no later than 90 days after the submission of all duly completed documents.


According to the Law of Nuclear Energy, the concept of nuclear facility includes:

- nuclear power plant,

- unit of nuclear power plant,

- non-power nuclear reactor,

- storage facility for nuclear materials,

- storage facility for radioactive waste,

- radioactive waste processing facility,

- radioactive waste disposal facility.


For authorisation VATESI issues, suspends, amends, revokes suspension or revokes licences or permits. As stipulated in the Law on Nuclear Safety, licences and permits shall be issued to legal entities or persons having sufficient technological, financial, management system, human, accident preparedness, physical security capacities, capacities of safe storage, transportation, accounting for and control of nuclear materials meeting the provisions of IAEA and EURATOM for safeguard, allowing proper fulfilment of the conditions of the licensed activity and ensuring nuclear safety. Lists of information and documents that applicant is required to provide for the issue of an appropriate licence or permit are established by the Resolution of the Government of Lithuania Nr. 722 issued on 20 June of 2012.


Licences or temporary permits authorising the activities with the sources of ionising radiation in the nuclear energy area


Last updated: 24-11-2021